IDAT File Uploader for UMAP and CNV Plots (v1.0)

Choose or drag&drop a set of IDAT files. Make sure that the IDAT files come in pairs and that the Sentrix ID has not been modified. Drag&drop should work on top of the 'Browse' element below. Too large quantities of files might lead to a timeout during the upload. If so, split your upload into smaller chunks of IDAT file pairs but make sure that pairs remain intact. Each upload is parsed separately before feeding the parsed data into the UMAP and CNV datalake. No identifiers other than the Sentrix IDs will be retained.


If you have no idea what this is all about, please do not upload just any kind of file to try - nothing will happen and the data will be not parsed. All activities are logged and abuse will be prosecuted to the extent of applicable law. The operator of this portal will (permanently) block IP (ranges) from which abuse or data vandalism is registered.

Manipulation of IDAT files, in particular, renaming, will be eliminated and, if not possible, those data will not be anlayzed. You agree that a copy of all uploaded IDAT data will remain on the portal's server. These data will not be shared publicly, however, they will continously be cross-compared against all previously uploaded datasets. Duplicates will automatically be eliminated; hence, it is OK to upload files more than once; they will do no harm to the system. You will only be able to find your uploaded datasets by their original sentrix ID (and not by the filename provided).

This portal, including the underlying hard- and software is provided free of charge. There is no warranty whatsovever that the system will be available online at all times; yet the operator tries to keep it running 24/7. The operator may not be held responsible for any damage inferred by the (proper or improper) usage of this system.


DNA methylation- and CNV-based diagnostics occur in the sole responsibility of the treating physician.

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